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Image Texum celebrates its 10th anniversary !

On 18 March 2013 in Fribourg, a start-up called Texum specialising in road reinforcement was...

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Image ETML underground cellar construction site -> Strong-tex® TEST

Due to the construction work on the new tram line from Renens station to Lausanne-Flon, the...

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The new Rondchâtel road

by Jérôme Bernasconi | 30 August 2023
Image The new Rondchâtel road

When traffic is diverted to carry out maintenance on the A16, the new Rondchâtel road will be...

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by Lukas Buehler | 24 August 2023
Image Zürich-Regensdorf

More than 1,000 m of forest road were renovated with top performance thanks to our Texgrid® GV...

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Image PATCH system on the Texgrid® range

The PATCH system is available for our entire Texgrid® range!

Patch" is a bituminous membrane...

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Montalègre reservoir construction site

by Jérôme Bernasconi | 26 September 2022
Image Montalègre reservoir construction site

The Montalègre reservoir in Lausanne is one of the oldest structures in the water department....

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Construction site in Schönenwerd

by Lukas Buehler | 3 April 2023
Image Construction site in Schönenwerd

During the renovation of this detached house in Schönenwerd, the decision was made to reinforce...

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Building site Vers-chez-les-Blancs roundabout

by Jérôme Bernasconi | 1 February 2023
Image Building site Vers-chez-les-Blancs roundabout

The Vers-chez-les-Blancs roundabout is a very busy junction, particularly because of the large...

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Our new administrative assistant

by Texum | 26 September 2022
Image Our new administrative assistant

Texum is pleased to introduce Alison Rapin, its new administrative assistant, who joined the...

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TEXUM, re-new

10 September 2017
Image TEXUM, re-new

Welcome to our new website!

TEXUM is evolving and we want to share our passion with you.

This new...

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