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Road maintenance

Good management of road assets

Entretien des routes

Issues and consequences

A manager must schedule relevant and efficient maintenance actions. To proceed in a systematic and objective way, it will rely on a maintenance management support system (MMS) or Pavement Management System (PMS). After defining a strategy, developed to assess the overall long-term evolution of the network, it will take steps to strategically plan and maintain each element identified in the first phase.

To define the maintenance measures, the manager must evaluate the causes of degradation in order to make a diagnosis.


The history of the interventions carried out beforehand, the age of the pavement, its different materials, the admissible traffic loads, etc. are all factors that play an important role in the choice of a maintenance solution or method.

In addition to these input data, traffic management during a maintenance operation can be dangerous. Contrary to a road construction project, maintenance operations must integrate this factor into site planning, sometimes imposing complex phases in a just-in-time flow.

Some particularly busy routes or sources of bottlenecks require the use of efficient solutions, both structurally and in terms of speed of implementation.

Also at stake is the economic aspect, closely linked to the viability of each project. It is never too late to reinforce a deteriorated pavement, but the economic stakes increase considerably with the level of deterioration.

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Made-to-measure and adapted solutions

The use of reinforcement geogrids - or reinforced membranes - can limit the number of interventions on a pavement over time, as well as its own expenses.

The use of these solutions aims to optimise the ageing of its road assets. Several elements may be at the origin of a need for geogrid reinforcement. Here are a few examples:

  • Increased traffic / pavement requalification to a higher traffic class
  • Coatings cracking
  • Specific demands that jeopardize the durability of the existing structure (e. g. tangential forces)
  • Singularities in the road structure (transition slab, visiting room,...)

All of these factors associated with pavement aging need to be addressed in a timely manner, or the consequences will be even more significant, both economically and ecologically. In this context, Texum is part of a consulting approach in order to offer each interlocutor the solution adapted to his needs, with a simple objective :

  • Always offer constructive solutions and comprehensive support, ranging from product selection to installation solutions.
Entretien des routes

Solutions developed to simplify maintenance methods

Aware that the maintenance of a pavement integrates multiple parameters, complexifying the task, it is with a goal of all simplicity that we developed our solutions.

For any maintenance project, our approach aims to satisfy a clear objective:
  • Propose efficient solutions, using the latest mastered technologies in order to be implemented in a relatively short time.

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Assistance adapted to your needs

Because the consideration of each element is essential to the proper establishment of a maintenance project, the Texum team is committed to providing a service adapted to your needs.

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