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Total or partial pavement reinforcement

Generalized or localized application


The cracking (total or partial) of a pavement is currently a controlled problem. This degradation remains the very essence of pavement treatments using geogrids.

Depending on the level of degradation, a bituminous mass can be applied curatively to prevent water infiltration in the first instance.

In the case of a longer term vision, it is preferable to repair the surface course (with or without milling), by integrating an anti-cracking geogrid in a general way (full roadway) or localized, in order to prevent the cracking of the new tread at a lower cost.

When this type of repair is carried out, other, more efficient solutions can be fitted out to provide structural reinforcement to the pavement body, without taking up all the asphalt layers present.


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TEXUM expertise

Depending on the specificities of each project, several anti-cracking or reinforcement solutions may be possible. This reality leads us to propose different solutions. Although controlled, the cracking problem remains a vast field for which we have developed several solutions.

Here are some examples of applications associated with a TEXGRID® solution:

  • Cracking of the pavement without the need for structural reinforcement (with surface course > 5cm)

TEXGRID® GV 120 solution

  • Cracking of the pavement with the need for structural reinforcement (with surface course > 2.5cm)

TEXGRID® CV 200 solution

  • Cracking of the pavement, with reinforcement required for unidirectional tangential stresses (e.g. straight braking zone at crossroads) (with surface course > 2.5 cm)

TEXGRID® CV 200 solution

  • Cracking of the pavement, with the need for reinforcement for bidirectional tangential stresses (e.g. parking and places) (with surface course > 2.5 cm)

TEXGRID® CV 200/200 solution

Other parameters can have an impact on the choice of solution, such as the presence of a hedgehog structure, or the geometry of the pavement (bend, roundabout, etc.).

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