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Reinforcement of aeronautical runways and taxiways

High constraints, high application times

renforcement piste avion

Aeronautical pavements are counted among the pavements with the most consistent structures.

In the form of concrete slabs, asphalt mix, or a combination of the both, these pavements support very punctual heavy loads, with sometimes relatively long application times (waiting areas, parking areas and Taxiways for example).

Various geogrid integrations are known within these structures.

Overall reinforcement of structures, cracking at concrete slab joints, or cracking of asphalt at hard points (e.g. concrete box for electrical ground lighting) are all applications that may require geogrid systems.


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TEXUM expertise

The pavements present in the aeronautical zone group together a multitude of different constraints depending on the case of applications.

Therefore, the use of anti-cracking and/or reinforcing geogrids and reinforced membranes (biaxial or quadriaxial geogrids) depends both on the type of structure present and the specific constraints applied to it.

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