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The challenges

Adapting an aging heritage

Disruption for users



If a structure is well designed and correctly executed, it will need no reinforcement when it is put into service. However, following errors in design or execution, or due to various circumstances during service life (maximum loads exceeded, changes in operating conditions, creep, fatigue, chemical attacks due to the environment...), reinforcements may be necessary. This change in circumstances means that the new structure, resulting from the "updated project", is more demanding than the previous one.


Increased expenses

  • Change of use of the structure (e.g. residential building converted into a shopping center)
  • Increased level of activity in the structure (e.g. old bridges subjected to today's traffic)
  • Installation of heavy machinery in industrial buildings

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Changing the shape of the structure

  • Removal of columns, pillars, load-bearing walls, widening of design spans
  • Opening slab passages for stairs or elevators

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Defects in the project or execution

  • Insufficient or misplaced reinforcement
  • Poor materials
  • Insufficient dimensions of structural elements

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Structural damage

  • Corrosion and reduced reinforcement cross-section in concrete
  • Impacts against the structure
  • Fires

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Renovation of old structures

  • Consideration of reinforcement due to stresses not taken into account at the time of design or construction (vibration, seismic actions, etc.)
  • Knowledge of the shortcomings of the calculation method used during the design phase, as well as of the limitations shown by structures calculated during a given period of time.
  • Aging of materials with loss of initial characteristics

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Improving operating conditions

  • Reduce deformation and deflection
  • Reduce stress intensity on reinforcement bars
  • Reduce crack opening

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