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Our activity

Structural reinforcement engineering


"We didn't invent electricity by improving the candle" - Niels Bohr

This quotation always reminds us of the need to be objective, to step back, to change our frame of reference in order to be effective.

This philosophy, known as radical innovation, does not consist in understanding how to improve a means (the candle), but how to better reach a goal (to be enlightened), and consequently, how to envisage new means to reach it.

In the construction industry, this approach is a fundamental pillar of our business.


Research and Extend

In order to push the limits of performance, we research and develop solutions in accordance with the most specific requirements.

Each discovery of a specific need for reinforcement is for us the opportunity of an experience in its own right.


Produce solutions that correspond to the most specific needs

A reinforcement operation occurs following the natural or premature ageing of a structure.

In road construction, "refurbishment" is an effective reinforcement option where pavement reshaping is not sufficient. However, this solution remains expensive, energy-intensive and time-consuming to implement.

Aware of the constraints caused by road reinforcement (traffic disruption, damage to local residents), we develop solutions made up of the most efficient materials, combining fundamental characteristics, namely :

  • Speed of execution during implementation
  • Durability and durability of reinforcement and anti-cracking performance

To guide you in your project

Because we care about the success of each and every one of your projects, we're committed to supporting you every step of the way.

This transparent approach extends to all phases of these projects, from pre-study to monitoring the implementation of our solutions on site.


Find the right solution for your needs

Backed by our experience, consolidated by our investment in research and development, it's only natural that we should advise you on your projects.

If existing solutions are unable to meet the specific requirements of your project, we will gladly take up the challenge of integrating these parameters into our development process.


Specialists at your service

Reinforcement engineering is a profession in its own right, known for its complexity and lack of training. Indeed, it was found that each Civil Engineer receives training more focused on construction and not on maintenance.

The maintenance and reinforcement of structures being placed at the heart of our activity, we are at your disposal to provide you all the elements necessary for the good appreciation of your project.

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