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Reinforcement solution for roundabouts (and small radius bends)



The TEXGRID® SAMI GIRO solution has been specially developed to reinforce roundabouts (or small radius bends).

This solution developed by our engineers and technicians remains to this day the very essence of Texum's savoir-faire. The homogeneous reinforcement of the structure combined with the ability to prevent fissures from degrading the running surface enable this system to withstand specific stresses encountered in non-rectilinear pavements.


Composition & application

The TEXGRID® SAMI GIRO solution is composed of a SAMI membrane reinforced with a quadriaxial carbon fibre geogrid.

The use of this structure combining - in a multidirectional way - the rigidity of carbon with the elasticity of the modified bitumen of the SAMI membrane makes it possible to respond to the specific constraints encountered at roundabouts.

In addition to its mechanical properties, its implementation - ensured by the savoir-faire of our specifically trained partners - is a key point highlighting the performance of this solution.


La solution TEXGRID® SAMI GIRO en vidéo


A solution focused on current issues

The current environmental conditions are leading innovative companies to develop solutions in line with a thinking focused on sustainable development, with a view to preserving our environment.

By adopting a responsible approach from the very first stages of development, our engineers and technicians have enabled Texum to propose an innovative solution that considerably reduces the ecological impact of a roundabout reinforcement operation.

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Highly efficient speed of execution

The application of the TEXGRID® SAMI GIRO solution remains the fastest for a roundabout reinforcement operation.

Although surface intervention (3 to 4 cm deep) is a significant factor in this calculation, the application of geogrids on a SAMI membrane is also a source of speed and flexibility in site management, thus optimizing paving yields.


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